Technology and experience

in selecting the best beans

With a modern structure, a qualified team, and market experience, Nicchio Café operates throughout the production chain using technology and knowledge to deliver quality coffees. The work, which begins in the selection of the beans, includes reprocessing, storage, and final delivery of the product for export.

Our coffees have a UTZ Certified seal, a worldwide certification program that assures efficient agriculture and responsible production. UTZ certified coffee is fully traceable, which allows buyers to know where their coffee comes from and how it was produced.

The beans go through a strict selection, and then the coffee is analyzed and screened in the laboratory. The bean is evaluated, just as the beverage, and the samples are sent to the customers on the five continents, according to their needs.

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Arabica Coffee
Conilon Coffee

Seals and certifications

UTZ Certified (“good coffee” in the Mayan language) is a worldwide certification program for the production and supply of responsible coffee. The certification assures compliance with the Code of Conduct that establishes the social and environmental criteria for responsible coffee production practices and traceability by the Chain of Custody, thus ensuring that a UTZ Certified coffee is not mixed with a non-certified coffee. UTZ certified products show commitment to sustainable business, social responsibility, good agricultural practice, and traceability.

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