The taste of the mountains


Arabica Coffee

Nicchio Café sells Arabica coffee from producers and companies in the mountain region of Espírito Santo and Matas de Minas Region.
– Arabica Coffee of the Group I
The Arabica type good cup, type fine cup and type cherry coffee has high quality and exclusivity, with stronger and intense flavor, immersive aroma, and balanced and fine taste. It is a slightly sweet coffee and leaves a very pleasant and long-lasting taste. Sold in small beans, size screen 14/16, moka and screen 17/18.
– Arabica Coffee of the Group II
The Arabica coffee, Rio Minas Cup has a strong flavour and cup. It is exported in size screen 15/16, moka and screen 17/18 beans. The beans are mainly sold in the Mediterranean and Eastern European countries, Arab countries, South America, and the United States.