Nicchio Café expands operations

The growth of Nicchio Café has led the company to expand its physical structure and diversify its activities, giving rise to the Nicchio Group, which is responsible for a significant increase in turnover. With a well-planned structure and capitalized companies, the group enjoys considerable market confidence and is present in five states: Espírito Santo, Bahia, Minas Gerais, and Tocantins.
Nicchio Café has diversified its activities and started operating in beef cattle, coffee and eucalyptus plantation and black pepper cultivation for export on farms located in Tocantins, Bahia, and Pará.
The Nicchio Group also operates in the real estate segment.


Agricultural diversification started in 1983 with the purchase of Fazenda Bom Jardim, located in the rural area of the municipality of Itabela, Bahia. The farm has coffee, black pepper, and eucalyptus plantations.


From 1999, the Caropa, Liberdade and Tangará farms in Pará and the Joncon farm in Tocantins were acquired, with a primary focus on livestock. The artificial insemination program was implemented, modernizing and adjusting the farms with cutting-edge technology, and involving bold projects, and highly qualified professionals.

Civil Construction:

Since 2011, the Nicchio Group has been operating in the allotment construction, with high-quality infrastructure, and construction of medium and high standard apartments and houses in Teixeira de Freitas (BA), Colatina (ES), and Marilândia (ES). In 2013, the Nicchio Group invested in a real estate agency to sell its developments.